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Backlink BeastBacklink Beast is a new powerful link-building tool that will get your link-building efforts to be unbelievable effective and keep your money sites safe from algorithm updates.

As you may already know,backlinks are a critical factor on getting top search engine rankings.Links from other websites pointing back to yours are counted as a positive vote for your site and so they add value to it.
But starting getting a tone of backlinks to your site in a short time or getting links from inappropriate websites,this could harm your own site and its rankings and traffic.In the post-panda/penguin
era,a few parameters of the search engines algorithms have change and have affected many websites,slapping them and get their rankings to nowhere or even completely deindexed them.Websites they were on top spots of the search results for years are now gone and devalued.Websites producing income for businesses are now disappeared and those businesses are in big trouble.And the webmasters of such sites don`t even know what hit them!

And here is where Backlink Beast comes into play.This new powerful tool is here to help you get top rankings again by automating your link building campaigns and keep your sites safe from future algorithm updates.

What exactly Backlink Beast software does?
With Backlink Beast you `ll be able to automate your entire link-building and do it in a way that will be effective (you will achieve top rankings for any keyword/website) but also will keep your sites safe as your link-building will be complying with all current and long time to come algorithm updates.

Here are the features of Backlink Beast: *

-Creates accounts and automatically confirms them in all the sites that submits to,like:

-Social Networks
-Web 2.0 Article Directories
-Social Bookmarking Submissions
-PDF and Document Sharing Sites
-Web 2.0 Profile Links
-Press Release Submissions
-RSS Link Promotion
-1000’s of Custom Sites built on platforms such as BuddyPress, Drupal, WordPress, Oxwall, Social Engine, and more!

-Automatically submits your content to the above sites in super fast time.

-Automatically increases your anchor text diversity.After Panda-Penguin updates,anchor text diversity is a requirement when you want to rank high,meaning that you cannot go linkbuilding only for your main keywords.

-Automatically creates submissions reports.Get a detailed report of your content submission right after your work and store it for your records.

-Provides an in-built campaign scheduler that will make available to the user to distribute links overly over time,so the links will look natural to google and the other search engines,keeping getting top rankings for months to come with no linkbuilding effort by the user.

-LinkPipeline link indexing service is integrated with Backlink Beast!To get rankings by your links ,the links you do must is the link indexing service that checks to find out if each link exists(you `ll need to have an LinkPipeline account to use this feature).

Watch Backlink Beast in action *

With Backlink Beast you ll achieve: *

-Top rankings
-More traffic
-More conversions
-Safety for your website from future algorithm updates
-Complete control of your link-building efforts.

Backlink Beast is the only tool you need for your link-building efforts.As ugly it looks in the photo in this post ,as so sweet it is when you put it to work!!!Fully automated,will save you countless hours of effort,will make link-building secure from future algorithm updates,will keep bringing high rankings for any website in any niche.Best choice when looking for an automated link-building software.

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