3 SEO Mistakes That Will Kill Your Traffic

Traffic happens to be one of the most important elements of your online business, without which, it’s impossible to see any positive results. A great way to attract this kind of targeted traffic is to optimize your site so that search engines will place you high in the search results. And yet there are some Internet marketers who believe they’ll be better off by trying to trick the search engines for better results instead of working on ways to do it properly. Then these marketers are surprised when their sites suddenly get banned by the big search engines, like Google or Yahoo! Then there are those webmasters who aren’t aware that the tactics they’re using are considered to be unethical. Both of these cases could be put down to a lack of knowledge about how search engines really work and what they look for. The best way to work with proper SEO is to know where you’re going wrong. This article will be looking at some of the SEO mistakes you will do well to avoid.

Suppose you are attempting to optimize for just a really difficult search term such as Online Income Flood Bonus. Graphics and images are a good way to give your site instant appeal, but be careful about putting too many on your site or you’ll be damaging your SEO efforts. In fact, you could reduce your search engine rankings by having too many graphics and not enough content, which is what the search engines are looking for. Plain text on your pages might look boring, but it has a far greater effect on your results than text showing on images. Any text you have showing within images can’t be read by the search engines, which means they can’t use those words for SEO purposes. Of course, some graphics are a good idea, so be sure you enter your niche’s keywords within the ALT tags for each image displayed. Search engines are able to read your ALT attributes, so having your keywords in there can assist your ranking in the long run.

ALT tags should be added to every image your website has. ALT tags are used to tell what a picture may be before it’s loaded.

ALT tags have the added benefit of getting a better score with the search engines. This is one of the most commonly forgotten elements when optimizing a site for the search engines. So just keep in mind that by having some of the keywords in your ALT tags, you’ll be more descriptive to both humans and the search engines. If perhaps folks are trying to find a Blueprints to Profits Bonus, you should always show it to these immediately.

Another SEO problem is choosing a bad title and description, as these can also affect your search engine rankings. Search engines use the title and description to try and figure out which theme is predominant within your text content and then rank you accordingly. Compared to how they were a few years back, search engines have evolved and grown to encompass more complex algorithms and more stringent criteria for ranking highly, so be vigilant about the details. Overall, successful SEO methods can be boiled down to several small elements and tactics designed to work well together to provide you with results. Blackhat tactics can be very tempting, with their promise of instant results and improved rankings almost immediately, but you also risk getting your site banned with these unethical methods. So you should always concentrate on whitehat SEO that not only offers a long term solution but also brings in traffic that you can count on, without getting your site banned. Try to give a thought as to some seo techniques sites.

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