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As the word say email marketing is the way to market and advertise products and services through email letters.
When doing business online, email marketing is the cornerstone of success and online business cannot exist without it.Also in our days email marketing is absolutely necessary for offline businesses too!
So how it works:first of all you need to have a mechanism (autoresponder) to send out email letters without to be accused for spamming and get blocked.Then you need to have a way to capture email addresses implemented (email capture form) in your letters or in the location you send your readers to,so you can follow up with them presenting your offers and try to persuade them to take action on them.
Email marketing is very simple in its philosophy but it is a little bit technically complicated and it should be studied until you learn how to use it correct for maximum performance.
Keep reading the page and you ll find all about how to set up a professional email marketing system.

Autoresponders *

What are the “Autoresponders”?Autoresponder is the system that does all the work of the email marketing.Is the mechanism that captures email addresses and sends email letters without to be accused for spamming.There are and other ways to send email letters (mailers,bulk mailers) but are not reliable for their deliverability and performance and shouldn`t be compared with autoresponders as they are something different.As you can conclude ,autoresponder is the mechanism that builds your list of prospects and give you the opportunity to follow up with them.

By setting up an autoresponder you ll be able to:
-set up an email capture form in your email letters or in the website you are sending you readers to,so they can subscribe to your list and receive more information about what you have to offer them.
-set up your follow up email letters.Keep in mind that following up with your subscribers is the key to make sales.Statistics has shown that a sale to be made through email marketing ,an offer has to be presented between 4 to 7 times to a prospect.
-not be accused for spamming.As an autoresponder captures email addresses that means that the subscriber is willing to receive information from you (double opt-in).Keep in mind that sending out email letters with out the receivers have agreed to receive emails from you, it can cost you as “spamming” and have further problems with sending emails.Learn more about “spamming”.
In conclusion ,autoresponder is the system that does all the email marketing work with safety and through it you can start building a relationship with your audience.An autoresponder is a “must have tool” when doing business online.
See the two most popular autoresponders in the web:

A New Breed Of Autoresponder, Auto Message Setup *

Posted by Tom Kulzer (AWeber CEO)
The concept of the follow up autoresponder revolutionized Internet Marketing. Now, “Auto Message Setup” promises to bring the field an even greater degree of efficiency.

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This recent innovation lets experienced marketers painlessly transfer marketing know-how to their entire downlines. A marketer can now provide each of his downline representatives with a follow up autoresponse system that is already packaged with the marketer’s pre-written messages.

The result? Just a few minutes of work on the part of an experienced marketer, and each of his reps is set up with the same tried and true marketing messages.

Case Study: Marketer Matt and the New Breed
For example, take a look at the case of a fictional network marketer named Matt M:

For years, Matt has been successfully marketing All Natural Pharmaceuticals using a follow up autoresponder. In fact, much of his success can be attributed to the set of seven messages e-mailed to all of his potential customers. Matt has carefully crafted those messages over the years, and they’re really great.

Recently, Matt has been trying to pass what he’s learned along to his downline representatives. He explains his marketing principles over the phone, and he knows that several of his reps pass his follow up messages around amongst themselves.

However, Matt finds that his pearls of wisdom rarely survive this ‘telling and retelling’ intact. He knows his reps aren’t getting anywhere near what they could out of his knowledge. He wishes there were a way to harness today’s technology, and put it to use for the greater good of his downline…
Enter Auto Message Setup
Using an Auto Message Setup system, Matt’s downline reps can order their own follow up autoresponse accounts that are already packaged with Matt’s pre-written messages. They can reap the fruits of Matt’s experience with ease.

Each rep will customize Matt’s messages for himself by logging in to his new follow up autoresponder account, and entering his own contact information.

Here is Matt’s original autoresponse message:

    Hi LEAD NAME,Thanks for stopping by the All Natural Pharmaceuticals web site today! We hope you come back soon!

    Best Regards, Matt M. 918 Awl St.

    Natural, PA 22314

Notice that the message greeting uses a variable, (LEAD NAME). The variable ensures that each of Matt’s leads will receive a message personalized with his or her own name. Notice, also, that Matt’s name and address are at the end of the message.
Case Study: Downline Dan and the New Breed
Dan is one of Matt’s downline representatives. He’s ordered his own follow up autoresponder through Matt. Since Matt is using Auto Message Setup, Dan’s account came pre-packaged with Matt’s marketing messages. Dan personalized those messages to himself by answering a few questions in his Online Control Panel. Now Dan is sending his own personalized version of Matt’s messages to his customers! All of the basic content is Matt’s, but Dan’s contact information is on the letters. Here is the autoresponse that Dan sends to his potential customers:

    Hi, LEAD NAMEThanks for stopping by the All Natural Pharmaceuticals web site today! We hope you come back soon!

    Best Regards, Dan D. 5 Farm Way
    Sootuh, TN 88457

Notice that the contact name and address at the end of the e-mail are Dan’s, but that the greeting at the beginning of the message still includes the name of Dan’s lead.
Mission Accomplished
With Matt’s experience in hand, Dan is now marketing more successfully than ever before. And he isn’t the only one – Matt’s entire downline is now using his marketing messages! Matt’s commissions are growing exponentially.

Matt and Dan’s situation is not unique. Any network marketer with an established downline can take advantage of the opportunities available in an auto message setup system. There’s no better way to put more auto in your autoresponder.

How to write powerful email letters. *

You probably already have understood how powerful Email Marketing can be for your business.And to help you even more in email marketing i have placed at the end of this post a link from which you can download a FREE video course on how to write effective email letters.

Grab the chance and download the videos and learn:

-How to create each aspect of a powerful email, from the subject line all the way to the PS.

-A simple way to create an “email blueprint” that practically writes the email for you!

-How to create excitement about whatever you’re selling (even if it’s boring as dirt).

-How to get people to act now instead of putting it off until later. (This is often why new marketers can’t seem to get people to buy, because they don’t know how to get people to buy immediately, but you’ll know how after watching these videos.)

-How to polish up your email and get it ready for broadcasting. Hint: the steps are pretty simple, but if you miss even one of them, you will MURDER any chance of getting good results!

-How to instantly achieve the creative, powerful mindset you need to write killer email promos (all the pro’s know this, and yet no one is talking about it).

-The single biggest mistake people make with subject lines that guarantees your email won’t get opened.

-Secrets of formatting your emails to make them easy to read (and why 75% of marketers completely ignore this part, which dooms their emails to getting deleted before they’re even read).

-How to “burn” the ability to write killer email promos into your brain, so that writing flows naturally from you (this will be a big eye opener for you, and take you from where you are now, to being a talented writer who can crank out one winner after another!)

-The two things you need before you even get started writing killer email promos (and why forgetting these two is a surefire recipe for failure).

-A simple trick that will keep your readers eyes glued to the screen and force them to read every word! Hint: it involves using the three “magic words”.

-How to craft subject lines that make people so curious, they HAVE to open your emails. Hint: If your email doesn’t get opened, it doesn’t get read, and nobody buys, so this section is super important.

-The real tricks that the pros use for making people feel like you’re writing directly to them (which allows you to build an incredible level of trust with your readers).

-How to create a conversational opening that sucks people in, and forces them to read the rest of your email.

-How to force people to keep reading once they open your email – proven tricks from the world’s top copywriters.

-Two huge mistakes people make in their openings, including one that everyone THINKS works, but that actually hurts results (avoid this one at all cost!).

-How to keep your body copy tight and on target, so people read all the way to the end and click the link to check out what you’re offering.

-How to create bullets that captures people’s attention, and makes your offer irresistible!

-The single biggest mistake you must never make when writing the body of your email (skip this one, and you’re guaranteed to make zero sales).

-How you can use the master’s level secret of “bucket brigade copy” to force people to read your entire email, no matter what you’re selling.

-How to create a killer close that makes people to act now (includes the single biggest mistake that you must avoid if you want people to take action).

-How to craft a killer P.S. that will drive people to buy whatever you’re selling.

-The single most important rule in writing any email promotion (this one is more important than anything else you could learn).

-6 mistakes people make when writing promos that hurts their results.

Download the “Email Promos Exposed” video course.

7 Steps For Improving Your Email Marketing *

The success of your email marketing campaign is often based on a set of complex factors. However, a number of these issues can be proactively managed to ensure an optimized response. When developing your next email campaign, consider the following guidelines.

1. Your list.

Certainly one of the most important aspects of any email marketing campaign, your list is directly correlated to your success. Are your names recent? Have they agreed to be marketed to? Have they shown an interest in products or services similar to your own? Make sure that you are using a house list (names you collected on your own) or have been purchases from a reputable broker.

2. Your subject line.

Getting a user to open your message is paramount any email marketing campaign. The best way to determine the subject line that works best is to break your emails into three random yet equal groups. Measure the response to each email and use the highest producing one as your control. In follow up emails, try to beat the response rate of your control email.

3. Your sender information.

What information appears on the sender line of your email? Will your prospects recognize it? Do they want to hear from you? Often times, emails are deleted without ever being opened due to an indiscernible sender name. Your sender name should be brief and easily understood.

4. Track your results.

Tracking allows you to determine who opened your message and clicked on a link or multiple links within your email. By determining what worked and what didn’t, you can replicate success on your next email. As described above, tracking is particularly important when testing subject lines, imbedded links, and other direct response vehicles.

5. Make sure your unsubscribe method is in place and working.

The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 requires that all email messages contain clear directions on how to opt-out from subsequent mailings. Provide an unsubscribe mechanism that allows those receiving your email to send you and email and indicate their desire to opt-out from receiving further emails from you or your business. If recipients no longer want to hear from you, it’s in your best interest to remove them from your list.

6. Your images are correctly referenced and you’ve used alt tags in each image.

Improperly referencing your images can cause them to appear broken when you send your message – the dreaded red x. To insure the image is referenced correctly it must appear as, img src=”….” rather than, img src=”/images/picture.jpg”. Alt tags are another important part of your images. The new security features on almost every email client these days disables images automatically. Having alt tags in place allow your reader to identify the image and determine if it is safe to enable.

7. Test, Test, Test!

No matter what your involvement with email marketing happens to be, it is essential that you follow the guidelines above for successful results. In addition, the key is to test, test, test! After each email campaign, measure your opens, click-throughs, and purchases. Document the specific date, time, list, subject line, and content used to produce your results. Refer back to your documentation prior to your next campaign.

Email doesn’t have to be a complex form of marketing. There are many best practices you can follow and some simple rules that ensure effectively delivery, open and conversion. By following the simple rules presented in this article, you’ll not only deliver and effective email campaign, you’ll discover a consistent method for generation revenue for your business.

Follow Up System In A Box *

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