CB Goliath WP Plugin-Create CB Affiliate Blogs In mnts

CB_GoliathTrying to make it online with affiliate marketing ,there are needed tools that will help in our efforts.There are tools that will help in automation and time saving.

CB Goliath is a tool that not only will help in those sections but it will rather build a professional affiliate business for its user.It will automatically build WordPress blogs filled with
ClickBank products that are chosen to be posted in the new blog.
The way CB Goliath works is like this:

Step 1: Select 4-5 keywords (optional)

Step 2: Select negative keywords (optional)

Step 3: Select the category (or categories) on your blog that you want the posts to be generated under

Step 3: Select a Clickbank category from the drop-down menu (optional. You can select category, or select keywords, or even both)

Step 4: Select a Clickbank sub-category from the drop-down menu (optional)

Step 5: Select how you want the results to be sorted by: Gravity, popularity or Average $ /sale. (optional)

Step 6: Select if you want the results to be sorted from high to low or from low to high.

Step 7: Select the language you want the results to be in. You can select English, French, Spanish, German or “all.”

Step 8: Select the number of posts you want to be added to your blog on a weekly basis

Step 9: Enter your Clickbank id (so you get credit for the sales).

Step 10: Select how many posts you want to be scheduled on a weekly basis: 1, 3, 7, 15 or 30.

Step 11: Select how many total posts you want to be scheduled on your blog (from 10 up to 500).

Step 12:Select how many words you want to be retrieved from the merchant’s site (from 100 up to 1000).

Step 13: Click the blue button and send CB Goliath to:

– Go to the Clickbank marketplace

– Find the products in the Clickbank marketplace that match the criteria you entered.

– Visit each merchant’s site one by one

– Retrieve the title, meta keywords and meta description from the salesletter

– Retrieve text from the salesletter

– Create a post on your WordPress blog for each one of the products

The posts will be based on a template that is designed for high CTR (click-through rate). It will have an orange button on the right as well as a “read more” text link at the bottom of the text (you can modify the template).

But lets see it in action:

Awesome eh?If you are involved in affiliate marketing and promote ClickBank products then this wp plugin is the real thing for the business!

It is sold for $97 with personal use licence (can use it in unlimited blogs you own) and $197 with developer licence (can set up blogs and flip them for dollars).

You want to buy it?Everyone involved in selling ClickBank products wants to buy this monster too!A good way to use this plugin is to create FaceBook fan pages of the blogs you will create!That`s why if you buy it from this button :

you will get two complimentary bonuses that will help you creat FaceBook fan pages and drive traffic to them.How would you like to build profitable Affiliate WordPress blogs full of ClickBank products and get them on FaceBook through your blog`s fan page and drive a tone of traffic to them?Wouldn`t that be an income explosion?

So here are the bonuses you ll get when you purchase CB Goliath from in here:

FaceBook IFrame and FaceBook PRO

Use FaceBook iFrame to automaticaly create fan pages of your blogs and FaceBook Pro to drive a ton of people to see,like and buy from your fan pages!

To get the bonuses and start applying this powerful combination of CB Goliath and the FaceBook iFrame and FaceBook Pro just clean your browser`s cookies and then click the button below and then send me the transaction details to : support@internetpowerfultools.com
to be sent the bonuses directly.


Act now and start exploding your affiliate sales with this affiliate monster.

All the best

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