How to Get Free Website Hosting

Sounds new and good news! Is there any possibility so? Yes, it is possible. But don’t expect great tools and mouth watering features with web hosting. There are a few ways let’s explore how do we get free web hosting. This is good for your personal website or a trial business website, but not a huge website which needs lots of software and applications.
There is one way to get free website hosting is through your ISP. ISP is the Internet Service Provider through which you are connecting internet. There are few ISPs providing free web hosting to its subscribers. So you need to contact them and check with them.

There is another way to get free web hosting option. At the same time, you should compensate their support for their free service, by keep posting the ads provided by them. The free website hosting provided by some free hosting decides the size of your free website and also the location of your free website. Once your website gains sufficient traffic levels, you can start posting your own ads. That will keep increasing your own revenue from a free website through your ads rather generating revenue to your free hosting provider. The ads may not be small ads, leaving good place for your content on your website. They will be giant ads and sometimes you will be surprised to know that new ads would be posted without your notice.

There is a third way of getting a free web hosting website without being charged for. Your computer itself works as home server. So, you can use the same home computer to host your website. And to avail this, the home computer must be up and running for round the clock 24/7.

These are the best possible ways of getting the free web hosting services and enjoy its benefits. However, please be informed that these cannot be replacement to the web hosting services that you pay and get. There would be lots of limitations with the free web hosting. This is absolutely apt with the choice of going with free hosting for your personal website to increase your online visibility.

There are limitations of using free web hosting and you need to be aware of them. When you avail free hosting from your ISP, they may provide few web pages for your website without charging anything. However you cannot enjoy the benefits of placing videos, music files or high volume multimedia and any similar large files on your website. In this hosting you may not have your independent from your company name that is offering the free web hosting.

For example the URL of your website will precede or follow the company name along with your website name. The address bar may look like by preceding the company name or may look like in which the company name follows your name. For providing free web hosting, they are publicizing and advertising their company by increasing the visibility. It may not look professional for business websites, but no danger using it for personal website.

You will always have limitations for your website like less bandwidth, less storage space, no important software tools and applications and no guaranteed uptime and so on.

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