What Is Google Trust Rank And How Can I Benefit From It?

Google Trust Rank is another Google algorithm similar to Page Rank. As the name suggests, if a web site has high “Trust Rank” then Google does trust the information and integrity of this web site contents and services.
To be the best search engine in the world, Google wants to provide the quality and relevant data on all searches and Trust Rank is one of the important filter/factor for your web site to have a high index rate.
There are some easy changes you can do on your web site to increase your Trust Rank. Best way to think about this algorithm, is to think about a real life situation where you want to purchase some goods or get a service from a company. Which factors would you look at? Here are some of the factors we might be looking as consumers:

* How reputable is the company we are buying the goods from? This is important for the warranty and guarantee of the product. Also, reputable sellers usually sell quality goods/services.
* Do I know the contact information for this company and how easy is to contact them if needed?
* How long have they been in the business for?We can give lots of different factors when deciding for goods or services. Google also checks similar preferences about your web site and gives your site a “Trust Rank”. To be able to get a high trust rank you can do the following changes to your web site:

* You need to have a domain name old enough to be reputable. If your domain name is fairly new, then make sure you register your domain name for 10 years. This proves Google that you are willing to stay in the market for the next 10 years.
* List your contact information and your physical mailing address. This is important for your clients trust as well as Google. If you let them know how to contact your company easier, then they would trust your goods and services more.
* Have a privacy policy on your web site. It’s always good to inform your visitors about their rights and privacy policy for the trust factor.
* Have secure connection on your site if you are selling your services/goods online. This also shows that you are careful about your clients security.Another way to increase the trust rank of your site is getting one way links from the reputable sites. If you get a one way link from a site with a high trust rank, then your site’s trust rank will go higher too.

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