Why Great Websites Must Have Great Articles!

It is more important than ever that a business website be as user-friendly and relevant as possible. Between the amount of competition in businesses and niche topics as well as the difficulty involved to rank well with the search engines, there is no room for laziness or mistakes when planning how to handle search engine optimization efforts. There is more involved here than marketing – content quality, value and relevancy is the name of the game.

Does Your Website Welcome Visitors?

Welcoming when used in this sense is referring to being sure that all web pages are easy to find and access, use and interpret so that any visitor to that internet location has an outstanding and memorable experience. There is a real domino effect involved here, as any one part of the SEO effort is going to affect the entire effort and result; imagine having set up and tested navigation to be sure that it works and correctly directs links to the right location – except that the location is fill with poor quality or non-credible information making the entire SEO effort absolutely wasted.

If the most sophisticated optimization marketing plan is instituted, will it really help if the information on that website is poor quality, sloppy, hard to read, and just basically not usable – will readers of that material complete a transaction of some kind? Probably not.

Content – Still The Most Important Factor

OK – it has been repeated more times than anyone can count that content is king. Tiresome as that phrase may be, written internet material of the past, present, and future will continue to be the most important feature to be found on any website. Without good information, none of the rest of the internet marketing effort matters.

Visitors absolutely will not stay – or return – to a website if the desired information is not professionally presented, is poorly written, or has little or nothing to do with the topic that was found in the search engine results listing. Another content blunder is information that is obviously out-of-date and has not changed or been updated on a regular basis. Users will pick up on that very quickly, click off to another more relevant listing, and most likely never return.

Yes – Google Wants Good Content

Another convincing argument that high quality content is extremely important is Google’s continued algorithm updates that keep weeding out more and more pages and sites that offer low quality content that just does not meet the criteria that has been stated above. The layout may be distracting, the navigation may be difficult to follow, and the writing may be substandard – basically a website that does not fulfill what a user wants to find.

All of this has become even more apparent with the release of Penguin 2.0, stressing the importance of good content, valuable links, and design that enhances a presented product or service. The purpose of this update was to penalize – or at least not reward – poor quality websites while rewarding those online efforts that are do what is expected to give users the experience that is wanted.

Articles and all content should be fresh, relevant, and accurate; have a clear purpose; and provide value to readers. Without all of that, visitors will be lost to other, better pages. SEO efforts will be meaningless without quality content – and a website risks becoming unsuccessful very quickly.

The moral of this story is that websites must be filled with content that is worth reading by visitors and users, that fulfills what was represented in the search engine results listing. Keep content relevant, readable, and valuable – and marketing rewards will follow!

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