Tips To Choose The Right Web Hosting Solution

What Is The Best Web Hosting?
You have decided on your niche market (see my 10 Steps To Creating A Successful Affiliate Marketing Site‘)and you`ve also decided the best and easiest way to build your website is WordPress. But what’s the best web hosting company for WordPress website?
Like everything else in this world you have many options, some better than others, some just more relevant to your needs depending on your situation.
As part of my 10 Steps to creating a successful affiliate marketing site, I want to talk you through your options. Don`t forget to follow my 10 steps to success at the bottom of this post.
So, How And Where Do We Start?
The hosting of your website is key and can make the difference between a web visitor using your site or going elsewhere.
So what are the thing we need to look at?
Factors we need to keep in mind while we investigate our options are Speed, Security, Reliability, and Cost. There are many different platforms and companies, offering somewhat different products, so let`s have a look at the first important question.
What Is The Best Web Hosting For WordPress?
There are a number of options when talking about hosting services and depending on your situation, one may be more appropriate, or necessary for you needs. So let`s take a look at what these options are.
1.Free Hosting
2.Shared Web Hosting
3.VPS Hosting
4.Dedicated Hosting
5.Managed Hosting

What is Free Hosting? *

FREE is not always free but nearly always low quality in both service and reliability. You may find free hosting on a forum, offered in return for ad banners or links on your site. If you don’t mind that, that’s fine but it’s not the most professional approach. More importantly, the hosting provider has no responsibility or Service Level Agreement SLA, and could just disappear leaving you with nothing. So, let’s take it as read, you are not going down this road.
What is Shared Hosting?
Shared hosting is generally seen as a popular and affordable service suitable for beginners or small companies. This is where one large server hosts multiple sites for multiple customers on the one server, meaning the provider can offer the service at a much lower cost per head.
This is an all round acceptable setup, offering the customer pretty much everything they need at a good price. The glitch comes when we take stock of the many sites/customers consuming resources, processing power, disk space, and memory.
While this is unlikely to affect you as you start out, sometime down the road when your site begins to take more overhead it can potentially affect performance, giving your provider reason to ask you to upgrade and move away from shared hosting to a VPS hosting. In short, shared hosting is good for small business, but just bear in mind, your hosting requirements may grow as your business grows.
What is VPS Hosting?
Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine living on a physical disk. In tech terms, the physical disk is partitioned and each partition is installed as a stand-alone virtual server, much like a ‘Dedicated Server’ we will look at next.
These virtual servers installed on their partitions give the customer their individual partition and server for greater privacy, security, and administrative control over their site and all its requirements. This includes such things as software versions for example. The VPS setup is best suited for medium businesses and high traffic websites, who don’t yet require dedicated servers.
What is Dedicated Hosting?
This is a physical server owned and leased by the hosting provider, giving the customer full control over its running, including the Operating System ‘OS’ and even hardware. If you are a position where your online business dictates you need a dedicated hosting server, but you do not have the experience or time to manage your server, you will need to hire a server administrator to run your system, otherwise, opt for the ‘Managed WordPress’ hosting.
What is Managed Hosting?
This is the top of the tree when your business in on full throttle and you just need everything to run smoothly while YOU work your magic and bring in all the money.
The Managed Hosting is just as it suggests, everything is taken care of for you. Experienced staff are on hand and constantly optimizing and updating to keep the service running fast and smooth.
It’s the last word in hassle-free hosting for your highly successful WordPress website.
Choosing WordPress Hosting.
This all sounds perfect but it really does come at a price. It’s really for the successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs that can justify the expense, offsetting it against their own valuable time that’s better spent doing what they do best, leaving the tech guys to do what they do best.
The tariffs for Managed WordPress hosting is usually on the high side and you will commonly see a hosting provider charge $29 per month and restrict that account to 1 website and up to 25000 visits per month.
The next level up allowing multiple domains sees to the costs rocket to $99 per month which isn`t a workable prospect unless you are already highly successful.
What`s the answer?
Now we have an idea about what services are out there and the costs involved once you start thinking about having a managed WordPress hosting account, what is the answer?
Luckily there are hosting companies like a2hosting that provide great services and their servers are absolutely fast and reliable.SSD Servers that run smooth and load your websites fast,is the advantage of this web hosting company,and is the most critical for a website to load as fast as possible.

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