Traffic Recon

Traffic Recon is a seo video series created by Matt Callen ,that explains fundamentals of seo that have been working for over a decade without fail,and everything about Panda & Penguin Google Algorithms and how they have influenced the seo and google search results.If you `ve been “killed” by those algorithm updates and you `ve lost your rankings,then this is the place you need to get advice from.

Traffic Recon consists of 10 Videos that are explaining all the aspects you need to know to determine what was the wrong (spam) things that affected your site(s) and lost rankings and traffic ,and what you need to do to recover but also how to apply several techniques that will keep your websites safe from future algorithm updates.

In these 10 videos you will learn :

-what is Panda and Penguin algorithms and what are those algos are going after.

-what types of websites were “killed” by them and how to figure out if your site was affected and punished by those updates.

-how to properly build your websites from now on so they will be more effective and stay safe from those updates.

-how to do keyword analysis (don`t do this or do it wrong and get all your efforts thrown wasted) and apply it to your site for better conversions and overall better website performance.

-how to monitor your competition and how to create your plan to overcome your competitors

-how to properly and safely create your link building campaigns that will boost your rankings and keep you safe from algorithm updates

-how and in what ratio to use your anchor links.

-about “Tier Linkbuilding” and how to apply it to get the most link juice and boost ranking while staying unaffected from algorithm updates.

You `ll also learn about a few tools that you can use in your seo efforts.

In short ,Traffic Recon will provide you all the information and techniques to achieve top rankings while keeping your site away from troubles.

I personally use very many products and software from Matt & Brad Callen as i `ve seen by my own experience that all what they bring out to people is nothing but top notch staff.

I highly recommend you get into Traffic Recon and get benefited from all information and techniques it provides.Start watching the videos now and get to know what works today on seo industry and keep away from problems of algorithm updates that can cause you disaster.

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