UBot Studio-Create Your Own Bots

UBot is the internet marketer’s Swiss army knife. While other software attacks SEO, keyword research, and indexing with a chainsaw, UBot grows your business your way using marketing automation that YOU control. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and intelligent commands, it simplifies complicated and time-consuming tasks like account creation, article spinning, posting and messaging, on any websites you choose. Just watch a few of the tutorials and you can see how simple it is to stand out from the crowd with your own customized bots.

We wanted Ubot 4 to be a breakthrough in automatic marketing technology. With our Image Recognition, this generation of marketers will be the first to control Flash games and applications inside their bots. Let me say that again. You can now make a bot for Farmville. And the new Artificial Intelligence feature and ultra-fast multi-threaded browsing will let you create accounts on almost any site at the touch of a button, and interact with web elements at lightning speeds. After you use the simple drag-and-drop interface to build scripts, you can switch to the new code view to copy, paste, and manipulate whole sets of commands as quickly as you would re-write a sentence. Then, you can use the compile feature to turn these ideas into your own full-featured, stand-alone bots. You can sell them, give them away, or run them on as many different machines as you want.

What UBot Studio does: *

– Easier to use, with intelligent element selection that lets you build bots faster

– More powerful, with multi – threading that gives you the power to unleash armies of bots at once (Pro)

– State-of-the-art, with Advanced Image Recognition that lets users control Flash and more (Pro)

– Programmer-friendly, just switch to code view for instant scripting (Pro)

– Intelligent, with Artificial Intelligence lets you make accounts universally on most websites

– User-friendly, with a drag and drop interface for easy command creation

– Profitable for customers, who can compile any script into a stand-alone .exe’s

– Stealthy, combining inbuilt support for Proxy Flipping, Captcha Solving, and Windows Shell Commands, as well as User Agents (Pro)

– Smart, featuring conditionals, variables, and scraping commands hand you the power to automate everything

The best marketing automation software on the planet is easier to use and more incredible than ever.

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