WordPress Cloner-How To Backup,Clone And Move Your WP Blog

Hey fellas,
Are you blogging through WordPress?If yes then you are lucky enough to read this post today as it will give you the chance to make your life easier and save you a ton of time for years to come.If you use wordpress then you know how much time and effort is needed to properly set up and configure a new wordpress blog.
But for no more!!
WordPress Cloner is coming to save you from all the effort and the time it takes you to set up a new blog.You now have the chance to set up a blog and configure its setting and plugins and then back it up so you ll always will have it as the basis for any new blog you will want to set up!!

But let`s see what exactly you will be able to do by cloning your blog:

You ll be able to backup up your blog and have it handy if something go wrong
You ll NO NEED to upload and activate the theme AGAIN!
You ll NO NEED to upload and configure all those plugins AGAIN!
NO NEED to update the permalinks and other WP settings AGAIN!
You `ll NEVER NEED to set all those special options and parameters in the plugins AGAIN!

You ll only have to upload the blog everytime you will want to build a new blog and that`s it!By uploading the cloned blog you will have instantly all the plugins and settings installed and configured!This is a huge time saver!

WordPress Cloner will make your life a lot easier!!!

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