WP Site Guardian – Effectively Protect Your WP Sites & Business

Running your business on a WordPress site is a great idea as WordPress has a ton of functions that can be added through the use of plugins,and so to give your site those extra functions that will make it even more user friendly and easier to use.But what about security?Is your WordPress site really safe by using all those plugins?There are also specific WordPress security plugins that take care of the safety of the site,but do they really can protect your site effectively?

Using plugins includes the risk of successful hacker attacks ,as when a plugin or a theme is not written properly or when it needs update ,then it generates vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and intrude into you website and take the control of it and so by extension,your business.The practice has shown that even the best WP security plugins are not the bulletproof shield against hackers.They can easily get overtaken from hackers that know well how to brake codes and get the control of a site and do whatever they want with it.

And what if you run your business and suddenly you see a “site hacked” note when trying to login into your own site?How will you get it back and how much money and reputation will you already have lose,and how long time will it get to make it work normally again?
So being provident about the security of your site and for your business is the best and wiser action you can probably take against such situations.Preventing potential hackers to occupy your business from the first place is the best way to protect it with minimal consequences.WordPress is a great platform to run websites and businesses but it may get vulnerable when is not properly safeguarded.And is not only the username and password that can be broken from a hacker,but as i say above there are more ways for hackers to intrude.So how do you come around with the security of your WP site?

Fortunately ,there is a new plugin that can effectively protect your wp sites from the first place!It detects suspicious behavior from visitors and bans them as hackers while reporting immediately to you by email.Is all about WP Site Guardian that can effectively protect your WordPress sites from such intrusions and keep safe your business.

Here is how exactly WP Site Guardian works to keep away from your WP sites the hackers:

  • Blocks XSS Attacks
  • Blocks SQLi Attacks
  • Blocks Local File Execution Attacks
  • Blocks Remote File Execution Attacks
  • Scans Cookies
  • Scans POST Data
  • Scans Query Data
  • Sends Email Notifications
  • Auto Bans Repeat Offenders

It works providently to keep your wp sites safe and save you from all the hassle would be needed to get your site back along with its rankings and your reputation.Never the less,your wp site security equals your business security and it would be preferable to keep it safe than to get in all the hassle would be needed to run it healthy again.

So if you are serious about your business then you should consider giving a deeper look into how practically safe it is, and not just rely up on the security plugins existing today,that is easy for hackers to overtake them and damage your business.

Don`t let your business unprotected in the mood of any hacker.Get WP Site Guardian and protect your business effectively and stop potential hackers destroy your efforts,rankings,reputation and income.

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